The brief was to create an identity that would be minimal, effective and must depict the company’s founding principle of 6 Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono.

Incorporating the factors of strength, leadership, and dependability we created an identity with the square at the forefront. The psychological theory of a square symbolizes it’s structural stability and reliability. Something to which the firm’s goals and ambition resonated.

The arrow on the upper right corner of the square symbolizes the vision, ambition, and leveraging the potential of the brand and its affinity to grow.

We decided to include the brand name into the square using the typeface “Aksidenz Grotesk”. The font is an alteration of the Berthold Type Foundry. It’s the ability to reflect a sense of importance and urgency made it an ideal choice for Big Kahuna.

As per our client’s brief, the inclusion of the principle of 6 thinking hats was done through the amalgamation of six colors into the logo itself. A challenging task at hand, our focus was to merge the colors in a way that doesn’t compromise the simplicity yet elevate the brand.