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In the realm of family wealth management, Big Kahuna stands as more than just a boutique multifamily office. It is a comprehensive solution designed to proficiently oversee your family's financial affairs, going beyond the mere management of wealth. Our approach encompasses the vital aspects of building, preserving, and transferring family wealth and legacy.

At the core of our founding principles lies the philosophy of the "6 Thinking Hats" by Edward De Bono. This innovative approach has been seamlessly integrated into our identity, manifested through the amalgamation of six distinct colors in our logo. Each color represents a facet of strategic thinking, ensuring a holistic perspective in all our endeavors.

The emblematic square in our logo embodies structural stability and reliability, reflecting the bedrock of our organization. It serves as a powerful symbol, resonating with our firm's goals and unwavering ambition. Much like the square's unwavering foundation, we are dedicated to providing steadfast support to our clients' financial aspirations.

In addition to this, the arrow positioned at the upper right corner of the square symbolizes vision, ambition, and the unyielding pursuit of growth. It encapsulates our commitment to unlocking the full potential of your wealth and leveraging the strength of our brand to facilitate your financial journey.

With Big Kahuna, you are not just a client; you are a valued member of our extended family. Together, we embark on a journey towards financial prosperity, guided by principles of trust, dependability, and a shared vision for the future.

Join us at Big Kahuna, where your family's financial well-being takes center stage, and together, we shape a legacy that endures through generations.

The company's vision is “To Take the levels of customer satisfaction and deliverables to new dimensions" BIG KAHUNA is built on a set of guiding principles that form the foundation on which we conduct ourselves, and fulfil our goals.
- Innovation
- Building Long Term Relationships
- Lifelong Learning
- Accountability

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